The Research Group

January 2019
Back row: Greg Banks, Edenia Amaral, Vicente Talanquer
Middle row: Emma Vélez-Ávila, Daniliz Capellán Pichardo, Ira Caspari, Raúl Orduña Picón, Clarissa Keen, Hannah Sevian
Front row: Qausarat Ogunneye, Klaudja Caushi, Stephanie Murray, Jessica Karch


New England Regional SACNAS Meeting, March 2019
Presenters: Raúl Orduña Picón, Daniliz Capellan Pichardo, Jessica Karch


May 2017
Celebrating all the 2017 graduates!
Felix Nampanya (BS, biochemistry)
Josibel García Valles (BS, biochemistry)
Courtney Ngai (PhD, chemistry)

NESACS dinner Nov 2017

NESACS dinner, November 2017
Raúl, Steve, Hannah, Clarissa, Klaudja, Jessica

Courtney in the rain

May 2017
Courtney shining through the rain at the Graduate Convocation

hooding Courtney

May 2017
Hooding Courtney at the Graduate Convocation

Courtney and Hannah after Courtney's PhD defense
After Courtney's successful PhD defense on March 15, 2017

Celebration dinner
March 2017
Celebratory dinner after Courtney's defense
Steve, Raúl, Josibel, Melissa, Hannah, Courtney, Steven, Jessica, Klaudja

Convocation, May 2015
Hannah and Steven 
   May 2015
Melissa, Steven, Courtney
Spring 2015
Back Row (L to R): Josibel, Felix, Steven, Hannah
Front Row: Courtney, Melissa, Javier 
   The Research Group, Fall 2014
Back (L to R): Courtney, Hannah, Kayone, Felix, Josibel
Front: Steven, Ashley
Summer 2014
L to R: Melani, Gaby, Hannah, Steven, Courtney, Kayone
   Spring 2014
L to R: Gaby, Courtney, Hannah, Steven,
Sascha (with baby Amelie)
 Research at the University of Costa Rica, June 2013
L to R: Hannah, Courtney, Steven, Gaby
  In the Costa Rican rainforest, June 2013
L to R: Gaby, Steven, Courtney, Hannah
 NESACS Dinner, Fall 2012
Back Row (L to R): Courtney, Siedeh, Steven,
Trenton, Jialei, Taraneh
Front Row: Hannah, Vicente, Gaby

Teacher-Researcher Group

ACCT project

dinner at BCCE 2018

ACCT Project, July 2017
Back row: Orlando Aguiar (visiting professor), Rob Huie, Greg Banks, Raúl Orduña Picón, Jen Lambertz, Pam Pelletier, Jim Hammerman (project evaluator)
Front row: Holly Rosa, Hannah Sevian, Klaudja Caushi, Scott Balicki

At BCCE 2018 in Notre Dame, Indiana, August 2018
Clockwise from left: Greg Banks, Raúl Orduña Picón, Ira Caspari, Hannah Sevian, Gaby Szteinberg, Stephanie Murray, Jessica Karch, Scott Balicki
ACCT team

NSTA, March 2015
L to R: Hannah, Jen, Michael
ACCT Team at the BPS Teacher Leader Retreat, March 2017
Back row: Rob Huie, Greg Banks, Scott Balicki, Jake Foster (Advisory Board member), Pam Pelletier, Raúl Orduña Picón
Front row: Hannah Sevian, Holly Rosa, Michael Clinchot, Jennifer Lambertz
 BPS Teacher Retreat, May 2014 
L to R: Gaby, RobBeccaGreg, Hannah, Jen
Steven, Melissa, Michael
   BCCE dinner outing, August 2014
L to R: Melissa, Hannah, Becca, Courtney, Greg

Group Outings

 L to R: Eric, Courtney, Steven   L to R: Melissa, Joe, Peter 
 L to R: Felix Nampanya, Josibel García, Javier Reinoso   Casa Latinx "Un Pueblo" Event and Fundraiser for Immigrant Achievers Scholarship, March 2018
Left to right: Ira Caspari (visiting from Germany), Greg Banks, Steve Couture, Klaudja Caushi, Jessica Karch, Hannah Sevian, Raúl Orduña Picón

With Friends and Colleagues

 Skinner Group Reunion
Jim Skinner, Jeff Saven, Tsun-Mei Chang, Hannah Sevian, Brian Laird
  GRC CERP, June 2013
Back: Vicente Talanquer, Marilyne Stains, Hannah Sevian, Courtney Ngai
Front: Melissa Weinrich, Fan Yan, LaKeisha McClary, Travis Lund

 NESACS, Fall 2012
Vicente Talanquer and Hannah Sevian

Our entire research group attended the celebration on November 8, 2012, to honor Prof. Vicente Talanquer as he received the American Chemical Society's James Flack Norris Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Teaching of Chemistry (see official announcement). The photo of our research group with Prof. Talanquer appears in "The Research Group" section above.